The following procedures will be discussed and followed by all Staff and Volunteers participating in the Field Trip excursion:

  • Staff will visit the site prior to taking the children to assess; whether it is appropriate for the age and development of the children, if there is washroom and water availability, telephone (cellular) range, and to check for any potential safety hazards.
  • Method of transportation will be through school bus. (Stock Transportation)
  • Students attending the Field Trip will wear their #1 dress uniforms for indoor excursions and sweatshirts and sweatpants for outdoor excursions.
  • Teachers will inform the children where they are going and what will happen, whom they will see and who they will need to listen to. Enough information will be given to help the children feel secure and comfortable.
  • Safety rules will be discussed with the Staff, volunteers and children. (Examples: designated meeting area, children must stay with the adult and group in which they were assigned).
  • Emergency Binder and Kit along with any EpiPens or Twinject will be brought along on the excursion.
  • Attendance will be taken BEFORE the group leaves the Center and throughout the excursion.
  • Staff remaining at the center will have a copy of ALL activity information including routes travelled and estimated time of arrival/departure at excursion site.
  • After the Field Trip, teachers will follow-up by; listening and observing children while on the field trip noting what their questions and interests are and planning related activities and learning experiences.