Parent workshops are held every four weeks. This is an opportunity for parents to keep abreast in their child’s curriculum in the Montessori classroom, core and enriched activities. Some workshops will be dedicated to training parents in instructional methods that will aid children in reaching their full potential through home practice. Other workshops may be geared towards educational discussions, questions, answers and guest speakers.

Upcoming Workshops:

Tuesday, June 20th (6:30-7:15pm) – Parenting 101: Coffee with Mrs. Loyst “Why Montessori?”
Tuesday, July 18th (6:30-7:15pm) – Parenting 101: Coffee with Mrs. Loyst “What is appropriate anyway?” (mealtime, potty training, bedtime)
Tuesday, August 22nd (6:30pm-7:15pm) – Parenting 101: Coffee with Mrs. Loyst “Transitioning.” (daylight savings, back to school, and after-school programs)