“Thank so much for the photos of my son and for capturing his little moments throughout the year. It was very much appreciated. What a wonderful first year despite the world being hit with Covid-19. The Enquiring Minds Staff did such a wonderful job rising to the occasion in continuing the learning outside of the classroom. The staffs ability in keeping parents engaged exceeded my expectations. Thank you, thank you so much for the hard work.

Thank you very much again for helping my son during his first year of school. Amazing staff and teacher!!!!!!”

D.  Ramsay

July 2020

“I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the beautiful Mother’s Day poem you made for us on behalf of the children. It was such a thoughtful gesture and so meaningful for me.

Thank you for the incredible dedication and passion you bring to the education of our children. My husband and I are sincerely grateful for the intentionality behind all the lessons and topics on EMVE. Ava has been cleaning our windows at home, like a champ!”

Ms. Antony
July 2020 

“Thank you for giving our child the opportunity to attend such an exceptional school. He has shown so much growth in the past seven months.

The staff at Enquiring Minds Montessori are extremely friendly, welcoming and accommodating to one’s needs. Not only does the school offer the Montessori Program, it also offers a unique Music, Arts & Language Program. The students are exposed to life outside the school environment through various excursions, special guest speakers and presentations every month.  We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity for our child attend this school!”

The Chandrasekara Family
May 2019

“When we enrolled in Enquiring Minds, we did not know what to expect – we were wow’ed by the professionalism and environment, but could not have imagined that we would fall so deeply in love with the program. We have only endless positives to share about the impact Enquiring Minds has had on our son, the knowledge and life experiences he has gained, the manners that are highlighted and practiced, and the love he has received from his teachers. Thank you so much for being more than we ever imagined and taking our son on an incredible learning journey everyday!”

George and Dimitra Tsipis
June 2019

“When looking at care for my then three year old, I had a big decision to make. Do I put her in Daycare or do I look at Montessori? If I look at Montessori how do I find one that is accredited? If I find one I like, how will I know it’s the right place? So many questions swirled through my mind as a mother when I started to really look into next steps. I toured Enquiring Minds and right away I was completely in love with the school. Having grown up in the arts, I appreciate the arts based focus of the school, but more so I appreciate the Montessori curriculum and the careful planning, delivery and follow up Enquiring Minds takes when it comes to Montessori education for my daughter.

After a few short months, she was reciting poetry (she was three as a reminder). She was understanding numbers and letters but in a way where she wasn’t just reciting them, she really understood them. After a year, she was reading! Actually reading. Two years later, she reads to me every night (she just turned five). It was a difficult decision to keep her in Montessori through Kindergarten (after all, it’s free to go to Kindergarten in the public school system). It turned out to be the best decision I ever could have made for my daughter. She has thrived in the Casa program in a way that I feel blessed and so humbled to be able to watch.

As an arts school, my daughter gets to participate in language (she literally speaks Mandarin so well. We are an English only household and she walks around reciting Chinese Poetry), Fine Arts (drawing, Sculpture, Painting), Musical Arts (She plays songs on her violin and is learning musicality thanks to EM Montessori), and of course Dance (Acros, Tap, even Ballroom which is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen).

If you’re thinking of enrolling in a Montessori school but don’t know where to start, you aren’t alone. It’s a big scary decision but also there are so many to choose from. The teachers and staff at Enquiring Minds will treat your child like they are their own. My daughter feels a connection with each and every teacher and TA in the school. Speaking of which, you won’t find a ratio like this anywhere else. The attention she receives is unheard of. I can’t say enough amazing things about Enquiring Minds Montessori.”


Jerry and Sherron
June 2016

“From the first day that I toured Enquiring Minds Montessori I knew that this is where I wanted my child to begin her foray into her education.   The facilities themselves are top notch and the program that is offered is without a doubt very comprehensive.

My daughter began at Enquiring Minds this past year and it has been a truly gratifying experience to see the growth and development that she has demonstrated over this time period.  The Casa program truly embraces the philosophy of creating a nurturing environment that stimulates young minds.   It is amazing how her vocabulary, her knowledge and her independence to name a few have simply blossomed over the past ten months.

I also appreciate that the program not only focuses on academic but also the arts with the incorporation of art, music, movement and languages which enables my daughter to develop an appreciation for all matters in the world around her.   There are not enough words to describe the teachers who have been instrumental in my daughter’s educational experience.   They are truly the warmest, kindest people who clearly have a passion for children and their education which is demonstrated in everything that they do.

I am extraordinarily pleased with my experience with Enquiring Minds and I look forward to my son joining his sister within the program next year.”

Lisa Wayment
June 2016