“From the first day that I toured Enquiring Minds Montessori I knew that this is where I wanted my child to begin her foray into her education.   The facilities themselves are top notch and the program that is offered is without a doubt very comprehensive.


My daughter began at Enquiring Minds this past year and it has been a truly gratifying experience to see the growth and development that she has demonstrated over this time period.  The Casa program truly embraces the philosophy of creating a nurturing environment that stimulates young minds.   It is amazing how her vocabulary, her knowledge and her independence to name a few have simply blossomed over the past ten months.


I also appreciate that the program not only focuses on academic but also the arts with the incorporation of art, music, movement and languages which enables my daughter to develop an appreciation for all matters in the world around her.   There are not enough words to describe the teachers who have been instrumental in my daughter’s educational experience.   They are truly the warmest, kindest people who clearly have a passion for children and their education which is demonstrated in everything that they do.


I am extraordinarily pleased with my experience with Enquiring Minds and I look forward to my son joining his sister within the program next year.”


Lisa Wayment
June 2016

young girl playing with toys

“I am so glad that we found this school for our girls!  Each of their teachers were invested in their education and provided a safe, nurturing, tolerant and stimulating environment for them.  Their teachers worked to instill core values such as honesty, respect, and compassion while providing a solid educational foundation.

We were able to attend parent group meetings that allowed us to understand the curriculum so that we could be part of their learning.  Our children were exposed to a variety of activities and subjects such as music, art, dance, and Mandarin.  They were also taught the importance of being environmentally responsible, and helping others through charities.

Our girls loved to go to school every day!  We have not been disappointment by any teacher or the knowledge that they gained through the years.  We will definitely miss bringing our girls to this school!”


Jerry and Sherron
June 2016