Lunches & Snacks

Casa students enrolled in our full day program are provided with a daily hot lunch which is included in the monthly payment. Full day Casa students are provided with morning and afternoon snacks. Extended Care Casa students receive an additional p.m. snack.  We have our lunch catered in from a local catering company; our snacks are fresh fruits and vegetables.

Birthday Celebrations / Class Parties / Special Occasions

Your child’s birthday is an important day. In keeping with the Montessori tradition, each child celebrating their birthday will participate in a circle activity known as ‘The Earth Goes Round the Sun’. This activity does not include food but is a special ritual which teaches the important lesson of passing of time from one year to the next.

As a means to educate our children in healthy eating habits and to reinforce our nut free policy the following items are not accepted at school for birthday celebrations, class parties or any special occasions (i.e., Halloween):

  • Birthday cake
  • Ice cream
  • Soda pop
  • Homemade snacks/baked goods

For birthday and special events (i.e., Halloween) loot bags, the following are allowed:

  • Individually wrapped, store-bought, nut-free labelled snacks
  • Activity items such as crayons and mini colouring books
  • Writing instruments such as eraser and pencils


On some special occasions we will arrange class parties (i.e., Halloween, Christmas) for which parents/guardians will be invited to provide healthy snacks. Sign up lists will be posted in advance of party days.