Applicants wishing to register at Enquiring Minds Montessori Casa are able to have their name added to our wait list if a spot in our Casa program is not immediately available. We recommend having a tour before making this commitment, as an Admission Application must be completed along with the accompanying non-refundable Wait List fee before the applicant will be added to our Wait List. Submitting the application and the Wait List fee does not guarantee admission. Applicants will be contacted once a spot becomes available. Offers of enrolment are given according to the following Enrolment Seniority Procedure for New or Waitlisted Applicants.


Enrolment Seniority Procedure for New or Waitlisted Applicant

    In order for a waitlisted child or new applicant to be offered a spot for enrolment, a spot must be vacant in our Casa program which matches (or is later than) the month in the school year which the child is applying for.
    Applicants age must match the age appropriate opening in order to be offered the spot for that school year.
    The Application Date is considered when more than one applicant meets the criteria of steps 1 & 2. When more than one applicant is applying for an opening in the Casa program, the offer of enrolment will be made in priority sequence to students according to date (day, month, year) that their application was received in the Enquiring Minds Montessori Casa office.

Please note that all offers of enrolment for our Casa program are conditional upon the child being toilet trained or are actively working toward that goal. Children in diapers or pull-ups will not be offered spots in our Casa program.